I'm Jacob Clark.

About Me 👋🏻

Hey, I'm Jake. A Technical Architect at the BBC in Salford. I love solving problems, writing code, building teams and crafting products people love.

I build systems of people and technology. I'm polyglot with a focus on engineering excellence, which means I like to work with the best tools for the job.

I'm particulaly fond of JavaScript, Java, Common Lisp, serverless, test driven development, pair proramming, agile principles, Extreme Programming, Amazon Web Services, systems thinking plus a whole lot more.

I've worked across a whole bunch of industries, including: travel, leisure, broadcast media, government, ecommerce, retail, co-operative and digital agencies.

I publish thoughts on my blog, you can catch me on Twitter, I code openly on GitHub and my career history is up on LinkedIn.

Projects 👨🏻‍💻

I have contributed to quite a few open source projects, including; PHP, Firefox, Rust, rust-fmt, MediaWiki, Vagrant, Grunt, Google Heapster, Penthouse, tldr-pages, troposphere and Iron.